The march of pandas


HAIR: TRUTH HAIR -Lotus – (Black&Whites01) 
DRESS: B.C.C – Dandelion girl dress White —> GACHA RARE  
FLOWERS + BIRD CAGE: *May’s Soul*  – Japan Treasures 
SANDALS: *May’s Soul*  – Rieshy sandals RED 
PANDAS: Fawny – Among the Bamboo Forests.Panda
LAMPS: Air – String lights – paper lanterns (natural & red)
BAMBOO: 3D Trees – Bamboo 3D 12xgroup of 8 trees M/T



Shiny Bath



HAIR: [e] Claire – Essentials @HairFair2015
ROSES: [Wishbox] Rose Crown (White) 
BIRDS: {anc} cocktailbird/ bird:blue —>  GACHA!
TUB: NOMAD – Industrial Bathtub .002 @Wayward Carnival
BOOKS: {anc} – garden. whitebook —> GACHA!  
PLANT: Apple Fall – Reaching Plant —> GACHA! 
BUTTERFLY: Apple Fall – Ulysses Butterfly—> GACHA! 
JAR: Apple Fall – Far Comb —> GACHA!